Selby- founder, writer, pet parent and craft enthusiast. 

Selby- founder, writer, pet parent and craft enthusiast. 

About Wavoki

Wavoki is a word I picked up while serving in the Peace Corps as an environmental education volunteer in Fiji. The word roughly translates to wandering around the village and see what everyone else is doing. In 2014 when I started my craft blog I gave it the name Wavoki because, in essence, I was wandering through the world of crafting and seeing what others were doing and experimenting to find what I liked. 

In the summer of 2016 I decided to define a focus for my wandering blog and add an online shop. But as a former environmental educator, and (I hope) generally decent human being who doesn't like seeing the planet get trashed, I decided to focus my efforts on ecofriendly and sustainable crafting. Check out my FAQ page for more about what supplies and craft projects I choose and why. 

And in case you are curious about me as a person- I'm originally from Oregon but currently live in Seattle. I have a BA in Spanish, aunque ya solo lo uso para leer libros para ninos en espanol, and a MSc in Human Osteoarchaeology (old human bones). So starting an environmentally friendly craft blog and shop was an obvious choice...