A Spoon Full of Sugar Book Review

I like small project. Sure, it's great to finish a large quilt you have been working on for months but sometimes you just need something small and quick. A Spoonful of Sugar by Liza Cox is just the ticket when you need to make a last minute gift or just want to complete a project in a single day. The majority of the projects feature sewing but a few incorporate other craft elements such as crochet.

There were several projects in this book that I though, Oh yes, I quite like that or that could be useful. Eventually I decided to make the 'dilly bag' featured on the cover. 

I did not follow the instructions exactly. (I think I am physically incapable of following exact directions.) My bag ended up a little larger than planned because I used some leftover yarn to crochet the bottom and decided to just use it all up rather than having a couple of extra feet lying around. 

With the diameter of the base changed I also had to change the length of the rectangle to make the body of the bag. It all worked out just fine in the end. I also didn't have a little leather patch to attach to the front but I did have some vibrant yellow fabric. What's with the tea set, you ask? Well, my sewing machine does embroidery but it only has so many options to choose from. There were no knitting related ones so I went for something I love even more than crafting- tea time!

My bag might also be taller. Again, I was just using a scrap of fabric and decided to use the whole thing rather than leave myself with smaller scraps. In the end the larger size works best for me because I can fill it with more yarn. I decided this would be a good travel knitting bag. 

There were other cute and useful projects in this book that you might enjoy in your home or would make lovely gifts. The dust covers pictured below are a nice thing to have for your fancy or delicate clothes that you don't wear very often. 

Another useful, and slightly more challenging project, are these cathedral window pincushions. Personally, I would feel really bad shoving pins into such a pretty little pillow. But they would make a lovely gift for a fellow sewing enthusiast or make a couple for yourself. 

I did appreciate how there were illustrations for many of the steps in the book. As a visual person I learn better through seeing examples than reading descriptions. 

Other projects in the book include simple fabric drink coasters, baby bibs, travel jewelry clutch and more. So if you are in the markets for a gift or small project book then this is a good one. You can make something for every room in your house and then make some more to give away. Overall a pretty sweet book. 

Happy Crafting!