A Very Merry Paper Christmas Book Review

Thanksgiving may be over but that just means the ramp up to Christmas is beginning. Some people already have their trees up and lights strung- me, I'm usually a little late to the party. I don't have a lot of decorations but the ones I do have tend to be handmade (shocking, I know) or gifts. Last year I reviewed a couple of Scandinavian themed craft books and I really liked those books because they focused more on using natural materials such as wood, fabric and paper to decorate.   

This year I found a Christmas craft book focused entirely on paper crafts.

There are a number of fun projects to try in this book. From cards and garlands to simple ornaments and 3D figures. Many are fun and simple for adults and older children while there are a few that younger children could also attempt. 

If you have a fancy glass dome (or even if you don't) you could make this 'Welcome Home' scene. 

A less detail-oriented project would be these 3D Vintage Ornaments made into a garland. Glitter edges are optional but these would look festive strewn in a window or over the dinner table. 

For my project I decided that I would like a small herd of deer to graze across my table. (Again with the deer. I swear I am really not that obsessed with them.) In the back of the book are the full color templates you can cut out but I didn't want to cut up my book so I decided to trace their outline and make them out of other paper.

My first step was to trace the design onto tracing paper. I use a soft leaded pencil so that it transfers easier in the next step. 

Once I have traced all the lines I flip the tracing paper over so that the pencil side is face down onto my working paper (the one I will be cutting out). I then retrace the outlines (or rub with a bone tool or the like) to transfer the pencil lead onto the paper. 

The design transfers but it can be very light.

So I went over the lines again to make sure I could see them easily. 

Next, I grabbed my scissors. 

I decided I wanted the antlers a different color but at this point I also could have added decorations such as the cute designs on the originals or faces. I like simple so I left it the way it was. 

With a little assembly (and a few more minutes to make a friend) I had two little deer grazing on my windowsill. It took a little finessing to get the pieces to fit together properly because I was not as careful as I should have been about the length of the cut notches.  

In the end this was a pretty quick little project that was fun to do. You could enlarge the design in the back of the book if you want bigger deer but I liked these cute little guys. Turns out my cat did too. A short time after this photo was taken I found one deer on the floor and the other with a leg missing and some suspicious teeth marks... 

Overall this book has a good amount of fun holiday paper items to make. If you are entertaining this holiday season this could be a great way to keep your guests busy. Or you could just fill your house with a herd of tiny deer. But maybe put them where your jerk cat can't get to them. 

Happy Crafting!