Coming in 2017!

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes here at Wavoki Crafts and I want to give a sneak peak of some of what will be coming soon to the shop. 


I have been creating my own knitting patterns for awhile now but have not had the gumption to write them down and share them. Recently though, I have been inspired by the wonderful abundance of beautiful northwest yarns and will be publishing some patterns soon. The first will probably be this cable knit hat. 


I am also working in conjunction with Abundant Earth mill to create a few patterns specifically for her lovely yarn. I can't share too many details about this just yet but we are starting with two patterns. If you follow my Instagram account then you may have already seen some of these projects in the works. 

Crafting Kits 

Another thing I have been working on are crafting kits. The first will be for a bag which will feature hemp canvas, a choice of linings and organic cotton thread plus the pattern and a video tutorial. 

I've made some improvements on the bag since taking this sample photo but it gives you an idea of what I have been working on. I hope to have kits and patterns available at the beginning of 2017. And since that is in less than a month I better get working! 

Happy Crafting!