Paper Flower Garland

I love flowers but real ones never last very long. They are a nice thing to have but I'd like to have something cheery and beautiful in my home all the time so when I saw Livia Cetti's The Exquisite Paper Flower Book I thought this could be the perfect solution.

In her book Cetti shows you have to make a wide variety of tissue paper flowers. I really liked the roses and found them to be easy to make. I made a few practice flowers which came out great.

With a few successes under my belt I decided to make a large garland of purple roses for my living room. I started by making a bunch of roses. I did the bleaching technique on the purple paper to give a two-tone effect. For the larger garland I made about 10 full flowers and two buds along with seven or eight leaves.

Making all these flowers took the largest chunk of time. First I had to bleach them and let the paper dry. I assembled the flowers over a couple of days while listening to an audio book. I do so love audiobooks in that they let me 'read' more books, but still have my eyes and hands free to do stuff. The best of both worlds!

Once I had all the flowers I needed, actually putting them on the wire went rather quickly. I had some thick fence wire left over from a house project so I used that, although thinner wire bought at a craft store or home improvement store would work just as well. This wire was kind of hard to bend by hand so I had to use pliers.

I kind of haphazardly placed the flowers where I wanted them and used their wire stems to hold them to the main wire. I then used green masking tape to secure them further as well as covering up the color of the wire. I used green masking tape because it was cheaper than floral tape and stuck together better. Floral tape is not very sticky and started to come off of the flowers I had made previously.

I then added leaves where I thought they would look good, again wrapping their wire stems onto the main piece and covering it all with green tape. 

I already had a wire attached to the wall with nails. I did this a couple years ago as a place to hang pictures. (You can see the clothes pins on the wire for photos.)

A simple bend in the wire holds the whole thing to the nail and then I wrapped the garland around the wire on the wall once or twice to get it to sit properly.

I did the longer one on the left first. When my husband came home he thought it looked a little bare. I still had enough supplies to make the little one on the right. All in all I am pretty pleased with how it came out.

Using the clothes pins I can now hand photos between the flowers for the finished look. I chose to do all purple flowers because I thought they would compliment the orange wall best and because I already had purple items in the room such as that lampshade. Multiple colors of flowers could be fun to liven up a rooms or even use silver or gold paper for a more dramatic look.

But if you pick up Exquisite Paper Flowers by Livia Cetti I'm sure you will be inspired to create something even if it is just a simple bouquet for the dining room table.