Local Color- Watercolor Book Review

I love watercolor. I'm not very good at it but I love it anyway. So any book I can find that might help me is one I've got to pick it up. Recently I stumbled upon Local Color by Mimi Robinson.

The basic idea of the book is to help you create color palettes for your watercolors. This is an idea that I hadn't done before, but once I read about it, it made sense.

Particularly if your subject is predominately one color, with a lot of variations, it can really help to visualize all the different color options.

It can also help you mix colors to match your subject before you start painting in case the color is not what you think it is.

This book inspired me to try creating my own palette before doing a painting. I chose a picture of a bridge dominated by greens and browns. Here is the what I came up with.

I think I did a good job for my first attempt. I then went on to use that knowledge to paint the photograph.

You can see my attempt in the upper right of the above photo. I still need to practice my watercolor skills a great deal, but I do think this exercise helped. If you enjoy watercolor, or are new to the medium, then I recommend checking out this book, Local Color, to help you improve your color work. And if nothing else, there are some pretty paintings and photographs in this book that you can try and copy to improve your painting skills.