Tilda's Fairy Tale Wonderland Book Review

Tilda is a design brand from Norway that has a distinctly sweet and cozy style. Delicate floral prints and simplistic, but adorable, plush toys feature prominently is this book,Tilda's Fairy Tale Wonderland.

When I first looked through this book the deer caught my eye and I though, oh! I need him! (or her if you leave off the antlers)

I also think the foxes are super cute and the Pinocchio is great. But the deer is the main reason I picked up this book.

I originally told myself that he would make a great Christmas decoration. I would sew on a red nose, tie a red ribbon around his neck and set him to guard the presents. Secretly though, it seems that I just have a thing for stuffed deer as noted from my How to Make Stuffed Animals book review.

The fabric I used was an old pillowcase. A couple of months ago we got a new (and bigger!) bed and I kept most of the old sheets and pillowcases for use on projects just like this. The sheets were a pretty ugly grayish brown which actually made a pretty decent deer color.

For the inside of the ears I used scraps of a hemp and silk blend fabric.

It is stuffed with regular polyester stuffing. With plush creations such as this, with thin legs that need to be stiff enough to keep it standing, using other stuffing options won't work that well.

I haven't decided whether or not I will put antlers on my deer or add any other features. I kind of like it just like this, but if I do add to it I will update this post.

Overall there are enough cute things to create from this book that I definitely think it is worth getting. Although the theme of this book is fairy tale wonderland, if you change the color scheme you could make a lot of these things into holiday decor as well including the ballerina/angles and toy soldiers.

Do you have any other Tilda books? Have you made anything from one of her books? Leave a comment and tell us how it went.