DIY Gift Box

A month ago my brother got married. Yay! Celebration! It is traditional to give the bride and groom a gift but what do you get a couple that have been together 5 years and already lives together? I didn't think they needed another fondue pot so my husband and I mulled over our options. Eventually we decided on making them a custom gift basket. Here are the supplies and contents that went into this unique gift.

1 big box (from as we had just gotten a delivery but any box will do)
Pretty wrapping paper
Appropriate Card
Shredded paper or tissue paper to fill bottom of box

You will also need tape to adhere the wrapping paper to the box and some awesome items to go in the box. We picked out a variety of cookbooks, spices and specialty food items to fill the box.

The paper I bought came in pre-cut sheets instead of one big roll so that made it a little easier for me to handle. It worked out perfectly that one sheet was just tall enough to cover the outside of the box and fold over and cover halfway into the box.

My first step was to fold up a little lip that I could take to the bottom of the box.

That folded edge fit nicely onto the box and allowed me to tape it down with minimal fuss. I didn't want to start exactly on the edge so I had the paper come over the side just a bit.

Then just fold the corner like a present and tape it down.

One sheet of the paper covered a little less than half the box. If your paper is all in one big roll it is conceivable that you could tape it down in one continuous section but if you can't that is alright.

Here is what the inside looks like with one piece on. I just folded it in and taped it down.

There was a bit of extra paper inside due to the way it was bending but I just folded that into the corner and taped it down. Don't be afraid to crease the paper and make it do what you want.

And here is one section of the outside all nice and smooth. I was more concerned about how it looked from the outside than what was going on in the inside. I knew I would be filling the bottom with cut paper and gifts so it didn't need to be prefect inside.

When it was time to put the second sheet on I opted to make tape loops and placed them over the tape for the first section. If you just taped down the second section you would be able to see that tape and I didn't want that. You could use double sided tape for this but I didn't have any. This method works fine.

Below is the seam where the two pieces of paper meet. If I was really obsessive I might have cut the paper so that it lined up perfectly but I think that would be a waste of paper. Perhaps if I was using a striped paper or something but this floral print was very forgiving.

After I put on the rest of my paper the box ended up looking like this. Pretty cute, huh? I really love this paper from Rifle & Co. Something like this could also be an inexpensive storage box.

Once the paper was on it was time to fill it up with goodies. I started by putting down a layer of cut paper. You could also use tissue paper, packing peanuts, jelly beans, that fake plastic Easter grass- anything that covers the area that doesn't have pretty paper and allows you to nest things into it.

I then artfully places the gift items into the box. A good general rule of thumb is big things at the back and small things up front. The box ended up being pretty heavy so take that into consideration too.

And that is all there is too it! Add in a pretty card and you have an easy and fun gift box. Conceivably, you could also cover a lid with matching paper but I didn't have a lid and I liked the idea of the recipient getting to see the gift right away and being able to style it to look nice rather than fit under the lid.

If you make a gift box then leave a comment about it below and thanks for reading!

Adore the paper I used? Purchase it below!

Rifle Paper Co. Birch Gift Wrap
Rifle Paper Co.