Schnerenschnitte Bookmark

Schnerenschnitte is the traditional German art form of cutting paper. For Christmas my husband gave me a variety of Exacto knives, perfect for cutting paper. As a test for my new toys I came up with this bookmark design of trees.

If you would like to recreate this bookmark then you would also need some black paper for the background. A ruler and pencil are handy to have as well. You don't need all these fancy cutting blades but they are fun to play with.

I started by cutting a piece of paper with the dimensions of 5 1/2 inches by 2 inches but you can make it whatever dimensions you want. I then drew a boarder with the ruler around the entire outside.

I then drew some trees to fit into the boarder I drew previously. My plan was to cut out the background so that is why I make the trees go off the edges and touch each other so that the piece will hold together.

Step one is to start cutting out the background. Use what you drew as a guideline but don't feel that you have to be too exact. After the cutting is done you will flip with piece over and everyone will see only the clean back. Therefore, if you want to write letters keep in mind that you have to cut them out backwards.

Once I have the background cut out I started taking out little slices from inside the tree. Most trees are not completely solid so this gives the design a little more depth.

Here is a view of the back. Beautifully clean with no pencil lines.

Here is the piece once everything has been cut out.

I then glued the piece onto some black paper and cut the excess backing away.

Glitter makes everything better so I decided to add some. I put the glue down for the glitter in a pattern to mimic how snow tends to gather on trees.

I then took a q-tip and smoothed the glue.

Cover in glitter. Go crazy. Put down a piece of paper first and then shake off the excess glitter and put it back in the jar so you can glitter again.

Let the glue dry before the next step.

Mod Podge is great for sealing paper crafts. It goes on white but will dry clear and it will keep the glitter from getting everywhere.

Put on one even coat. I put a pretty thick coat on and it took awhile to dry. Mod Podge goes on white but dries clear.

Here is what the finished product looks like. This photo is of a bookmark I made earlier.

The mod podge will make the paper wrinkle a little so after the piece is completely dry you can sandwich it in a big heavy book for a day or two and that will help flatten it out.

Below is an example of a bookmark I made without the glitter and mod podge. Play around with different ideas and see what you like best. Scherenschnitte is a fun and creative craft that can be either super easy or extremely detailed and difficult depending on what you want to make.

Bookmarks are great small gifts or ways to say thank you. You can customize them with names or motifs that the recipient really likes. And since I am constantly loosing my bookmarks it is good for me to have a large backup supply.