Storyland Cross Stitch Book Review

There is something very comforting in the structure of counted cross stitch. While other forms of embroidery can let you create some amazing things with flowing lines and mixed colors, cross stitch has an antique look that I love. Maybe it was growing up in the Tetris generation and liking things to fit into little squares. Or maybe it is the simplcity of following a pattern and having it turn out just like in the photo.

Either way, cross stitch is a great introduction into the world of embroidery and needle arts. But buying one of those cross stitch packages that creates a tiger with a hundred different colors can be really intimidating for a beginner. A great alternative is the Storyland Cross Stitch book by What Delilah Did.

In this book you will find a multitude of fun cross stitch patterns that even the newest stitcher can do. I really like that a lot of her designs are one color silhouettes which means you don't have to keep changing thread color every five minutes. This makes the projects go faster. Who doesn't like that?

The size of the designs are also good. They range from some small enough to be made into a buttons to an awesome 5x10 inch owl designed to be a pillow.

Her charts are clear and directions easy to follow. And unlike some books, were you really only want one or two of the patterns, I really want to make everything in here. I mean, there's a pattern for a jackalope profile. How awesome would that be on the wall of a kid's room?

The author sells other patterns and cross stitch packages on her website which you can find here. Have fun and happy stitching.

Update- Since originally publishing this post this author has come out with two more books. One for Christmas cross stitches and one with garden cross stitches so if you liked this book then check out the others which can also be found on her website.