Patchwork Embroidery- Craft Book Review

I love the idea of embroidery but it can take a long time. I also haven't practiced enough to make my embroidery skills up to snuff but that doesn't mean that I don't occasionally want to dabble in this historical art form. That is where books like Patchwork Embroidery by Aimee Ray comes in. This book combines relatively easy embroidery with a bit of sewing to create fun and useful projects.

Patchwork Embroidery
By Aimee Ray

On the cover of the book is the really cute camper zipper pouch. It uses fabric appliqué, patchwork and embroidery to create a useful and cute item. I love projects that combine a variety of crafting types and that is exactly what this book has. 

There are also good step-by-step instructions and full color photographs for each project. 

Below is a slideshow of some of the projects in this book. From notecards to journal covers and feather patches there are a great variety and projects. And you don't have to do the project exactly as they have it. You can take the designs and adapt them to what you want to make.

These photos don't cover every project or design in the book but they should give you a good idea of the style and options available. 

For my sample project I decided to make the Tic-Tac-Toe Board for my niece and nephew. In this day and age of tech gadgets taking up most of our kids time I thought it might be nice to have a simple, physical game to play.

I have been trying to use up some of my stash and since this was a fairly small project it was easy to find enough material. I used green and yellow for my X and O embroidery. I freehanded the design onto the white fabric with a pencil after I had put in a cutting grid for each piece.

The instructions said to make four of each piece but I added an extra X so that the board could be filled. 

If you want to make one of these, all the necessary instructions are in the book. It was a fun and easy thing to make. If you can do two simple embroidery stitches and sew straight lines with a machine then you can easily make this game board and pieces. 

Overall, this is a cute little book with some fun projects. Most of the projects seem well suited for beginner to intermediate crafter. This might be a great book for a young teenager who likes to make things. So pick  up a copy and start stitching. 

Happy Crafting!