The Quilt Block Cookbook- Craft Book Review

What is more comforting than snuggling under a homemade quilt? We put them on our beds, cuddle with them on the couch and wrap our babies in them. A quilt says I love and care for you enough to spend a really really long time making something just for you. And that is the downfall of the quilt- it does take a long time to sew all those little pieces together. But many quilting enthusiasts will say that is exactly why they do it- to use those innumerable triangles and squares to create a piece of art. 

Some people gravitate towards the traditional quilt styles while others may be looking for something a little different. Something hip, fun or eye catching. If that is you then The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson is right up your alley.

More traditional quilting books give you a variety of set designs to make your quilt. In the Quilt Block Cookbook you start with ingredients, or smaller parts of a larger block, like you would in, well, a cookbook.

Then you combine those ingredients in different ways to make an almost endless array of block options. The author does provide a number of variety of blocks that she has made using the ingredients so you can get a good idea how it works. You can either use her very creative blocks or you can venture out and create your own.

Some blocks are fairly simple, yet still striking, such as the 'hot cross bun' while other such as 'wooded' are much more complicated. The book has good directions on how to make all the ingredients and even some finished quilts using the blocks. 

I was endlessly inspired while looking through this book. Even if you never create your own pattern there are still so many fun options in the already designed block section that you could make great quilts for years. 

For my sample project I decided to do the 'paper lanterns' block. It is a fairly simple block but I thought it would be cute if I embroidered something in the middle of each 'lantern'. I haven't gotten around to that yet but it is on my list. 

I started with four large squares and 16 small ones. I chose only two colors for the four lanterns because I didn't have four fabrics that matched well. I use scraps whenever I can and making funky quilt blocks is really a great way to use scraps. 

I then sewed one small square to the corner of each larger square. 

Trim and press open. 

When the four squares have all their corners sewn on you can sew the entire block together. My block looks a bit odd because the outside edges still have the extra fabric needed for a seam allowance. Once sewn to other blocks the lanterns would be symmetrical. I surmise that the author cut off the seam allowance in her photo above so that the finished block did not look wonky. 

As I mentioned earlier, when I have some time I think this block could use some embroidery or embellishment in the middle of the lanterns. 

Overall this book was very inspirational, had good directions and helped me create a cute quilt block. If you are looking for a quilting book that gives you inspiration and seemingly endless options then you should definitely check out The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson. 

Happy Cooking.....I mean, Quilting!