Zakka Embroidery- Craft Book Review

If you have read any of my previous needlework book reviews then you know I like doing embroidery but I'm not very good at it. It always looks so perfect in the pictures and anything you embroidery becomes much more special and beautiful. Problem is, it takes time to master those tiny stitches and know just where to put the needle to create just the right look. Luckily, I recently found a book that is bursting with small embroidery motifs that great for practicing your stitches before you take on larger projects.

Zakka Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi is a fabulous little books that is just absolutely packed with cute little designs. Previous I reviewed her book Simply Stitched which had slightly larger designs and incorporated wool embroidery thread into the mix. In Zakka Embroidery the focus is on small designs, almost doodles, that can be combined to create larger projects.

Many of the motifs are done with one single color which makes them easier to sew. Instead of having to working about using a specific color you can choose a color you like and focus on perfecting your stitches.

The front half of the book is comprised of color photographs of the finished design while the second half of the book contains line drawings of the patterns with notes on which stitches to use where. 

Each motif has a small item which can be made with that design. Below you can see examples of these such as a floral collar, snowflake bag and sailboat shirt. It is nice to have ideas for what you could do with these designs but of course you can make them into anything you like. Directions for each of the projects are also in the back of the book but having a basic knowledge of sewing does help for many of them.

For my sample project I decided to pick a few small designs and try my best to make them look good. I really love these simple but cute whales. I'm not sure I would want a baby spitting up on something that I had embroidered but like I said before, you don't have to do the projects exactly as shown in the book. Whales swimming on the bottom half of a girl's skirt would be really cute.

As I mentioned, I just picked a few small designs to play around with. Even just these three small designs took me quite a while but I worked hard to make my stitches even and I am pleased at how it turned out.

In the end, whether or not you like this book will come down to how much you like the designs that Yumiko Higuchi has created. Personally I love her designs which are mostly floral and whimsical. So if you like a little whimsy and are looking for a book packed with small embroidery motifs then this would be a great book for you collection.

Happy Stitching!