Fold It Cut It- Craft Book Review

I love perusing Pinterest and marveling at all the all the wonderful paper art pieces that I will never be able to create. Not just because my cutting skills are not the best but because I just simply lack the amazing creativity of many paper artist. Luckily, I don't always have to be the most creative person in the room. Sometimes I can just pick up a book filled with wonderful designs just waiting to be made. And so it is the case with the book Fold It & Cut It by Naomi Shiek. 

The premise of the book is that if you fold the paper in half and cut it you can save time and make perfectly symmetrical paper art. Anything that lets me be lazy and make something gorgeous at the same time has my name all over it! The beginning of the book starts out with the mandatory discussion of paper types and tool options. If you are new to paper cutting then this is a handy section but otherwise you can skip right to the designs. 

The majority of the designs in this book are more on the whimsical side or featuring nature. From cake toppers to princess crowns and leaf wrapping paper there are a lot of designs in this book. And once you find out how fun and easy it is you might end up making them all.

For my sample project I was instantly smitten with this awesome fox mask. It was designed to be worn over a child's face but mine is currently hanging on my wall because it looks so cool. If you look at the nose and lower part of the face you will notice that I am missing some of the very small detail cuts. I found them difficult to do so I opted not to bother and I think the piece still came out looking great. 

Overall the project took probably and hour and a half which includes tracing the pattern from the book onto tracing paper and then doing the cutting. Since the paper was folded in half I only had to cut one side and the piece came out perfectly symmetrical. 


This book contains a good variety of fairly simple designs such as the eggs featured below to designs like the fox mask that are very detailed. Every skill level should be able to find a project in this book that suits their skill level. 

Overall I really liked this book and thought it is great for beginning to intermediate paper cutters. There are other books with more advanced designs for the skilled paper cutter but even if you have years of experience you still might enjoy these fun projects. If you enjoy paper cutting then Fold It & Cut It is well worth a look. 

Happy Cutting!