Pumpkin Hat- A free knitting pattern for babies

I've always loved fall and now that I have a little bundle of joy to share it with I love it even more. And yes, I am one of those people that loves everything pumpkin (within reason) so of course I felt my little darling needed a pumpkin hat. It was only logical seeing as the weather is getting cooler and she needs a hat to keep her little head warm. And since knitting for babies is fast and easy I came up with this pattern. 


I used Berroco Vintage DK yarn because it is machine washable and comes in the colors I liked. I'm a fan of the more rust colored orange and this yarn is actually called 'pumpkin' so it is perfect. The green yarn is called Douglas fir. 

Since the hat is so small you end up using just a fraction of the skein. Therefore you could make a bunch to give away or knit a matching sweater. (hint-there might be a sweater pattern in the works...) 

Enjoy this quick little knit and the beautiful fall weather.