Button Cover Kit Tutorial

I always forget about buttons. I like buttons but they are inevitably the last thing I think about when doing a project. Granted, I don't make a lot of things that require buttons but when I do I usually just go for the least ugly option that I can find whether or not it really compliments what I am making. 

But the other day I was wandering around the craft store and I found this intriguing button cover kit. Somewhere in the back of my brain I knew such things existed but now that it was right there in front of me I was slightly shocked to see it. It looked like a fun thing to do and since it was less than $5 I figured, why not? 

When I got the kit home I realized that this tutorial would best be done in a video format. So I made this little 4 minute video to show you how the button cover kit works and hopefully inspire you to try it out for yourself.  

Making your own button is easy and fun with a button making kit. They come in a variety of sizes and are a great way to customize a garment.

It really is very easy to make your own buttons. Either embellish them as I did with this cute little needle point ( from the book Secret Garden embroidery, book review coming soon) or use a matching fabric, either way you can make something unique that perfectly fits your project. 

And I would also like to encourage you to take some extra time in your local craft or fabric shop and really explore all the nooks and crannies. I randomly found this kit while looking for something else and I am sure you too could find something great if you give yourself the chance. 

So have you stumbled upon anything interesting recently? Leave a comment below to share your find. 

And Happy Crafting!