Tulip Sweater Vest for Baby- Free Knitting Pattern

I am excited to announce my first knitting pattern (to be published here) and my first baby. Actually, the baby isn't here yet. She's about half way cooked but the pattern is ready now! And with just over 4 months left until she is born I am hoping to get some more patterns up here soon. Until then, here is a sweet little sweater vest that is perfect for spring. 

I call it Springtime Tulips because, well, that's when tulips appear. And spring time is a great time for sweater vests because they work well for that transitional weather. Yesterday is was sunny and warm here while today it is raining and chilly. 

This vest is a great piece to start with if you are new to color work. The design is interesting enough to keep you engaged but not overwhelming. And it only uses two colors at a time so you don't have too many skeins to get tangled. 

Another good thing about knitting this vest is that it is small. If you get half way through the tulips and decide you have to rip it out and start again you haven't done as much work as if you were making an adult sweater. 

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of this sweater vest on an a real baby but as I mentioned earlier, mine is still in the oven. For now there are only two sizes- for babies 3 months or 6 months. These sizes are based off of generic baby sizes and your little one may be smaller or larger so measuring is important. 

I could ramble on all day about this pattern but I should probably just let you see it for yourself. If there are any mistakes or changes that need to be made to the pattern then please leave a comment below or email me at selby@wavokicrafts.com so I can make updates. Thank you in advance for you input and happy knitting!

You can also get the fully formatted version (much prettier and easy to print) by downloading the PDF with the button below.


US wool yarn, hemp fabric, organic cotton thread and more.


Springtime Tulips  

A Sweater-vest for babies 3 or 6 months old (download pattern from button above for 12 month size)

This adorable tulip vest is perfect for spring. A chill may still be in the air and a bit of warmth needed but the bright tulips still remind you that better weather is coming. 


3 months- Waist 16 inches, Length 10.5 inches 

6 months- Waist 18.5 inches, Length 11.5 inches 

Note- Follow the pattern that is closest to the baby’s waist measurement. The length can easily be adjusted during knitting. 

*Please note that these sizes are general baby sizes and your baby may be smaller or larger during these months so I suggest you measure the baby to make sure you knit the right size.

Yarn Recommendations:

I used three skeins of Plymouth Select DK Merino Superwash. 

1 skein Peapod - 1123 (Green)

1 skein Firecracker -1104 (Pink) (Only used about ¼ of the skein for the flowers.)

1 skein Natural - 1101 (Off White)

Needle Size: 

US 3 (3.25mm) double pointed needles OR needles that give you 15 stitches over 2 inches 

Instructions: (Knit from bottom up)

Cast on 120 (140) stitches with Natural (Off white) and attached to begin knitting in the round.

Work in 2x2 rib until piece measure ¾” (1”). 

Round 1: Knit all 

Attach green yarn for grass and tulip stems. 

Round 2: Knit all in green 

Round 3: K9 white, K2 green, K9 white, repeat to end of round. 

For rounds 4 thru 26 follow chart below.  


tulip chart screen shot.png


When finished with tulip chart begin knitting solely with background color until vest measures 6 (6.5) inches total. (At this point you can adjust the length of the vest to better suit the little one that will be wearing it.) 


Interchange from white to green. 

(I chose to make the top half of my vest green but you could also use the pink from the flowers or continue with the main background color in which case you would ignore the interchange directions. )

Attach green yarn for upper portion of vest. 

Round 1: K2 white, K1 green, K2 white, repeat to end of row. 

Round 2: K1 white, K3 green, K1 white, repeat to end of row.

Round 3: K all green. 

Continue knitting all green until garment measures roughly 7 (7.5) inches. 

Division for front and back 

K27 (31), cast off 6 (8) stitches, K54 (62), cast off 6 (8) stitches. (Place the 54 (62) stitches onto a holder or scrap yarn. This will eventually be the front of the garment.) 

Back of Vest 

Round 1: K all

Round 2: P2tog, p to 2 before end, P2tog

Round 3: K all 

Round 4: P2tog, p to 2 before end, P2tog

Round 5: K all 

Round 6: P2tog, p to 2 before end, P2tog ( finish with 48 (56) stitches) 

Continue until garment measures 9.5 (10) inches. End on right side. 

Back of Neck

Round 1: K13 (15), cast of 22 (26), K13 (15) 

Put first 13 (15) stitches on holder or scrap yarn. Continue working on second 13 (15) stitches. 

Round 2: P all

Round 3: K2tog, knit to end

Round 4: P all 

Repeat decrease until you have 10 (12) stitches. Garment should measure roughly 10.5 (11) inches. Cast off all 10 stitches. 

Repeat process on first 13 (15) stitches. 



Attach yarn on right side. 

Round 1: K all 

Round 2: P2tog, P to 2 before end, P2tog

Repeat decrease until you have 48 (56) stitch. Continue knitting until garment measures 8.5 (9) inches. 

Front Divide 

Round 1: K15 (17), cast off 18 (24), K15 (17)

Put first 15 (17) stitches on holder or scrap yarn. Continue working on second set of stitches. 

Round 1: P to 2 before end, P2tog

Round 2: K all 

Repeat decreases until you have 10 (12) stitches left. 

Continue until garment measures roughly 10.5 (11.5) inches. Cast off all stitches. 

Repeat process with second set of stitches. 

Turn piece inside out and sew shoulder seams together. 


Neck Ribbing

Pick up stitches along neck edge using double pointed needles. Roughly 100 (110) stitches. 

Knit in 2x2 rib until ribbing measures ¾” (1”). Cast off all stitches. (At corners you can k2tog and then cast of that stitch to make collar lay flatter.) 


Armhole Ribbing 

Pick up stitches along the edge of the armhole. Roughly 50 (55) stitches. 

Knit in 2x2 rib until ribbing measures ¾” (1”). Cast off all stitches. (At corners you can k2tog and then cast of that stitch to make collar lay flatter.) 

Repeat on second armhole. 

The knitting is done! Now block your sweater and put it on your little one to see how adorable they look. 


Pattern and all photos are © Wavoki Crafts. This patterns is for personal and non-profit use only. You may not sell items made from this pattern. Merchants may not download or print this pattern for sale, free distribution, or class use. Printing or downloading of pattern constitutes agreement with these terms. –Selby Gunter | www.WavokiCrafts.com  March 2017