Josef and Ani Cowl- Free Knitting Pattern

A few month ago I had the great privilege to meet Lydia Christiansen of Abundant Earth Fiber- a small fiber mill on Whidbey Island in Washington state. Due to our mutual love of local fibers we decided to collaborate on a project. She sent me some of her glorious yarn and I began to play and create a pattern that would highlight the texture and color of her Josef and Anni yarn. 

I am happy to announce that the wait is over and the Josef and Anni Cowl pattern is now available!

This cowl was designed specifically for the Josef and Anni yarn from Abundant Earth. The moment I saw this yarn I fell in love with its natural color and texture. The light tan color with flecks of brown  showcases the great variation that you can get in natural wool. 

When knitted this yarn gives just enough variation to be interesting but is not overpowering in color or contrast. This yarn would make a great classic sweater but I wanted to show its versatility as well so I decided to design a cowl.

I wanted to make a cowl that would be easy enough for a relative beginning knitter but looked complicated and luxurious. I also wanted the cowl to be customizable so I chose four different stitches to be worked either as the pattern is written or varied as the knitter desires. 

There are two cable stitches and two lace stitches that total four sections separated by a single purl row to give definition to the sections. The cowl is knit in the round and edged on either side by 2x2 ribbing. 

The yarn is soft enough to be warn next to the skin and not overly thick. The cowl provides just enough thickness to shield your neck from the wind but won't make you overheat. That makes this the perfect cowl for early spring as well as fall when you need a little something to fight off the chill but don't need three inches of thick wool. 

Click the button below to download the Josef and Anni Cowl pattern for free and don't forget to order your yarn from Abundant Earth Fiber Mill. This is a great local woman owned business with wonderful products. 

Errata- In the Folded Cable section there should be 1 row of knit all to separate the two sections of cables. The directions should read: 

Section 1: Folded Cable (on stockinette background)

Rounds 1 thu 3- Knit all.

Round 4- K1, 1/2LC, 1/2RC, K1 (repeat to end)

Round 5- Knit all

Rounds 6-9 Repeat rounds 4 and 5 five times.

Round 10- Knit all

Rounds 11-17 Repeat rounds 4 and 5 six times

Rounds 18 and 19- Knit all

Total section measures about 2 inches.

Purl 1 round

Happy Knitting