6 Ideas for Summer Knitting/Crocheting Inspiration

Just because the weather is getting warmer doesn't mean you have to put your needles or crochet hook away. Instead, here are some ideas to keep you casting on through the summer season. 

Mix it up with materials 

Wool may be the standard for the winter months but other materials are ideal for warmer weather. Cotton, hemp and linen are great choices for warm weather garments. 

Linen comes from the flax plant and originated in the Mediterranean. Humans have been spinning flax fiber into linen for roughly 30,000 years. Linen has a beautiful drape to it and is an ecofriendly choice. The longer you wear a linen garment the softer it becomes and the better it looks so plan on making a garment that you will wear for many years.

Cotton is a relative new comer to the textile world, only having been spun and woven for the last 3,000 years but because of its breathability and versatility it is now a clothing staple. Organic cotton is your most environmentally friendly cotton choice because it does not use pesticides. 

Hemp is a personal favorite of mine and a very environmentally friendly material. It requires no pesticides, little water and every part of the plant can be used whether for food, fiber or building material. It also has a similar feel and drape to linen, as well being long lasting and aging well. Industrial hemp is now legal in Canada and a number of US states so this fiber should soon be more readily available for your knitting and crocheting pleasure. 

Change Gauge 

Normally I like a nice tight knit to give my garments structure and worths but breezy is the way to go in the summer. Find a pattern that uses thinner thread with slightly larger needles and you end up with an almost gauzy fabric. Add in some lace work or a loose fitting design and there will be plenty of airflow to keep you cool. (Warning- for modesty layer with a neutral top underneath.) 


Tonkonatsu Pullover by Yamagara Available on Raverly


Try a new style 

If you typical go-to knitting project is a full sleeve sweater than how about trying a new style. Sleeveless tunics are a great summer style and can be layered and used other times of year. Or you could still knit a full sleeve sweater but one with lace sleeves would be cooling and stylish. The Vianne cardigan featured below is ideally paired with a swishy summer dress for cool morinings or evenings.


by Andi Sutterlund

Available on Ravelry



Hats, gloves and scarves are not the only accessories you can make with yarn. Knitted jewelry can be stylish and easy to make. Or you could knit a light shawl for when the sun goes down. Small accessories are also great ways to use up those smaller leftover balls of yarn. Another advantage to knitting smaller items is that you can splurge on higher quality and more expensive yarn than you would use for large projects.

And don't forget gifts! Whip up a thoughtful gift for a friend that fits their style and doesn't break the bank.

Useful Items 

Yes, a sweater is very useful but there are many other items you can knit that help you out around the house. Shopping bags, table runners and baskets are just a few examples of the useful items that can be knitted or crocheted. And once you are done filling your house with very useful items then you can begin making gifts for friends and family. It is never to early to get working on that massive list of holiday gifts....


Knit for the beach

When all else fails...knit for the beach! Be the most stylish beach babe in this vintage inspired knit bathing costume! Or if you are more of a string bikini fan you can quickly make one of those as well. Other options include sun hats, beach cover ups and lacy shorts. 

By Susan Crawford

So now that I have shared these 6 ideas there is no way you can put down your needles or crochet hook. There are so many options out there that you must get started right away! Leave a comment below to let us know what inspiring summer project you are working on. 

Happy Summer Crafting!