Sewing Machine Magic Craft Book Review

I haven't done a book review in a long time because there is just so much other stuff going on but I've gotten my hands on a couple craft books lately that I am dying to share. The first is Sewing Machine Magic by Steffani Lincecum. 

We all have those feet on our sewing machine that we have no idea how to use. Or you watch a sewing show on TV and they use some fancy foot you have never heard of and you think, pfff, I don't have that foot and wouldn't have the faintest clue how to use it anyway. Well this book shows you how. The whole goal of this book is to show you all the cool things that your sewing machine (probably) can do. 


Now not every sewing machine is going to be compatible with all the different feet illustrated in this book. And some will have a slightly different design and that could make is frustrating if you don't have a good working knowledge of your machine. So although there are some basics in this book its real usefulness is for the intermediate sewer who wants to improve and expand their sewing. 


As you can see from the above photo there are a nearly endless array of sewing foot options. I like that this book shows a variety of foots and how they are used so you can decided if they are something you really need. 


Personally I don't think I would use the ruffle foot very often but if you've got three daughters who love frilly dresses then this could be a real time saver for you. And that is what is great about this book, it shows you a lot of things you might not need but maybe you do. Unless you spend a lot of time researching sewing machine accessaries I'm sure this book will have a few that make you go- I can do what with my machine?!?! 

This book is all about knowledge and since knowledge is power you can't really go wrong. Just because this book illustrates sewing techniques that I don't need right now doesn't mean I won't want to know them in the future. 


There is some non-foot related sewing information such as this example of threads you see above. I view this as bonus side information. It's good to know but I feel the feet are the main star of the show. And there are projects designed to help you learn how to use your machine such as the pencil pouch pictured below. 


Overall this is a good reference book but maybe not the first sewing book to buy. This book is for someone who has some sewing experience (and a fairly nice machine) that wants to improve their skills and add techniques to their repertoire.

Many of these feet are sold separately from the machines so seeing what they can do before shelling out the cash for one is really helpful. It is pretty amazing what a standard sewing machine can do if you have the right accessories- and know how to use them. 

Have you used Sewing Machine Magic to improve your sewing skills? Tell use about it in the comments below. 

Happy Crafting!