A fibershed, much like a watershed, is a specific geographical area where fiber is produced. The fibershed project is based in California but areas all over the world are now cultivating and crafting with sustainable fibers from their own area. This website has great information about sustainable and local fibers. 

Botanical Colors

Looking for natural dye powders to throw into your dye pot? Botanical Colors sells easy to use powders and extracts to achieve a wide variety of colors.

Curious about the slow fashion movement? Want to keep up to date with news about the slow fashion movement or find where to buy ecofriendly clothing? Then check out for a wealth of information. 

Marin Carbon Project

The Marin Carbon Project works to enhances carbon sequestration through improved land management techniques. With a little creativity and a lot of hard science the project is showing that animal grazing can actually be beneficial to the land.